6 Ways to Start the New Year on a High Note

2018 is finally coming to an end, and here at Stiletto Janes, we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our story. In the last five months, we’ve hosted over 6 successful events with  10 - 120 guests and this is only the beginning. We couldn’t have made it this far without you. In honor of 2018’s achievements, let’s end this year the best way we know how-- absolutely blazed.

Here are some high-brow ways to start 2019 the right way:


1. Shine Rolling Papers
What better way to make a statement at your New Year’s Eve party than to show up with a 24kt gold joint? Shine papers offers a variety of options-- sheet papers, pre-rolled cones, woven blunts and more, all made with finest edible 24k gold. Yes, it’s safe to smoke and the ashes left will still have their touch of luxe! https://shinerollingpapers.com


2. Cannagars (Thai Sticks)
Here in miami, a toast to new years is not complete without champagne and a cigar. This year, let’s kick it up a notch. Cannagars, or thai sticks, are essentially cigars made entirely of cannabis. Thai sticks are pressed buds and usually hash oil on a skewer wrapped in cannabis leaves. These beauties will not only bring attention for their appearance and timely, delicate rolling process but the high that follows these slow-burning masterpieces is unbeatable.

3. Haute Smokes Fumettes
We’re all about keeping with the times, but burnt fingers and smoke stinging our eyes is so 2018. Sold in silver or gold and outfitted with gemstones, the sophisticated Fumette makes the perfect smoking accessory for the fashion forward. A fitting partner to gold rolling papers, these sparkling joint holders will take your whole sesh to a new elevated level. (use code HATUESTUFF to get 50% off your order until Jan 1st 2019) https://hautesmokes.com

4. Blazy Susan

Ring in the new year with organization, Blazy Susan provides the perfect tool to keep all your smoking pieces together and clutter-free.  They are completely customizable and can even be painted on by a local artist. They offer additional pieces and dab mats to make your smoking experience feel like a new year celebration every time. If you want some $$ off your purchase, use code “chiichii”.https://www.blazysusan.com

5. High Society Collection’s Golden Joint Holder
For the highest profile stoners, only the best will do. High Society Collection puts a luxurious spin on toking tools. They also offer collections of discreet joint holding jewelry-- from earrings to necklaces all designed with the modern smoker in mind. Her latest collection features abalone throughout the pieces for an extra dash of flair.


6. Stonedware Pipes
“Never sacrifice personal style for function when you can have both.” Why choose? This year you can have it all. Stonedware offers handcrafted ceramic pipes of a variety of sizes and styles including 22k gold details and portable purse pipes, just to name a few. They are each made to order and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. For those that want to save the rolling for later (or someone else, if we’re being honest), this will be your new favorite go-to. http://stonedwarecompany.com

At Stiletto Janes, we believe no holiday is complete without celebrating in style.
So, kick back, indulge  
& have a Happy Holidaze.

daniel alexander