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Hello cannabis connoisseurs and curious Internet goers alike, welcome to Stiletto Janes’ I’ll be your tour guide, JUST KIDDING (sort of). We here at Stiletto Janes have made it our mission to break the stigma that lingers, like the smell after you hot box your car, that follows marijuana, and the people who consume it.  This is a space to dive into everything from the role women are playing in this new billion-dollar industry to the best piece for your ideal high, to the legal nuances that are constantly influx. We are on this wild ride through the wonderful world of weed and we hope you enjoy the ride. 

Social standards have been on the progressive uptick for the last 3 decades but it’s really in the last 10 years we have seen a swing in progressive policies such as marriage equality, affordable heath care, woman’s rights and oh yeah that sweet little thing called Marijuana. Cannabis, pot, Mary Jane, dope, weed whatever you call it, this transformative plant has been around for ages, like since practically the beginning of time. This doesn’t mean the Egyptians were rolling around stoned in their pyramids, in the beginning it was boring and mechanical, using hemp to make rope and fiber, it wasn’t until the 1800s that a doctor realize how medically beneficial the plant could be.  This isn’t to say that cannabis’ only purpose should be functionality or medical, simply put some of us just like to get high. 

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On August 28th election season will kick off with both parties marching to the polls. Each to cast their vote for whom they would like to represent them in the general election. Florida is in a free fall of uncertainty for the first time in 8 years. Rick Scott has hit his term limit giving way to an old fashion election. Typically speaking, an incumbent is as hard to unseat as getting high off oregano. Our fair state has a lot of issues the people hope to be addressed/reformed and implemented with the proverbial changing of the guards. One of them being the divide our state faces on the issue of our favorite plant. To legalize recreational consumption or not, that is the question. With a state so varying in age, race, income and immigration Florida is like 6 mini states in one.  Keeping this in mind it’s astounding that we’ve come this far on the issue. As it stands both parties are pro medicinal marijuana, the conservatives think that’s where the buck stops, liberals want to legalize recreational use and tax it alla Denver, CO.  States rights are crucial to this movement. Much like marriage equality, that gained so much traction in progressive states that eventually forced the Supreme Court to legalize marriage equality across the nation, we will need that kind of referendum one day on casual consumption. With legislative change being the final referendum in the war on drugs, and a populous opinion of 61% for the first time in nearly a decade the voters are speaking, will the federal government listen? 

Alexandria Kostoff