10 things to do to stay off IG on October 6th

It’s Saturday around 2:30 and I’ve just realized after wake and baking into the afternoon that I’ve spent the majority of my morning falling down the proverbial IG rabbit hole. We’ve all been there, one click turns into 10 and next thing you know your watching your college neighbor’s ex roommate’s hairdresser live her best life on IG stories. With so much of our time wrapped up in one app, October 6th is the perfect excuse to disconnect from our virtual reality and connect with those around us all while also standing up for the Cannabis Community.  

In support of Bess Byers, better known on the gram as @imcannabess, her account has recently gone through a string of deactivations. While she doesn’t violate IG terms of service there is also little to no recourse for cannabis accounts. On October 6th, the anniversary of the day IG launched, the canna community will go silent to show Instagram that we are a large group of users and we can’t be deleted on a whim. With out further ado 10 things to help keep you busy and OFF Instagram. 

  1. Go to dinner with your friends.
    Food is meant to be enjoyed, not just Instagrammed. 

  2. Read a book Curl up with a good book or magazine, sans obligatory layout photo.

  3. Games Invite friends over for a raunchy game of Cards Against Humanity 

  4. Spend the day at the beach  Wear your favorite suit, even if you “just posted it”. It will stave off temptation to hashtag your day #Ilivewhereyouvation #guilty

  5. Treat yo’ self to a spa day The ultimate way to tune out, enjoy cucumber water and a seaweed wrap sans Instagram. 

  6. Go to a “smash room”                                                                                                    Stressed out? Dreams of trashing a hotel room al la Kate Moss and Johnny Depp? Why not try Smash Room a place where it’s ok to throw, hit with a baseball bat and generally work through some aggression.  

  7. Do whatever menial task you’ve been putting off.                                                                                       Skip your standard brunch photo in favor of finally tackling whatever you’ve been putting off; Cleaning, grocery shopping or home improvements.

  8. Pretend You're a Tourist in Your Community We rarely visit own city's tourist attractions. Take the day to get lost in your own town.

  9. Go to the Farmers Market  If you in the South Florida area we love Yellow Green Market. 

  10. “If it’s not on instagram it didn’t happen”  Sound familiar? If you can’t not document your Saturday look at these options for a  reimagined disposable cameras.

Remember no posting, no stories, no DMs. In short if you can’t resist the temptation LOG OUT. After you log out head over to @imcannabess petition page; it takes less than 10 seconds and can have a lasting impact on the world’s largest social media platform. Instagram has been operating with little to no transparency. According to the IG algorithm you only need 6 flags on your account before you receive a deactivation email. It’s completely unchecked, meaning you could be violating the terms of service or it could be a rival account reporting your content.  With the federal government being in staunch disagreement with the 29 states plus Canada who have made it legal, either, recreationally or just medically: Instagram has made the rules and even when trying to abide accounts we have come to love are disappearing. In a 24-hour news cycle it can feel like a day off the internet is akin to living under a rock. With that in mind we could all use a reason to stay off the gram and spend some quality time reconnecting with our environment. Stopping weed censorship is a great reason to disconnect and spark up.  


Alexandria Kostoff