Hemp Wick 101

2019 is the year of self-care. If you’ve been looking for a healthier, cleaner alternative to butane lighters, hemp wick might just be your new best friend.  

Why Ditch the Old Lighter?
For those that don’t know, your traditional lighters like BIC and Zippos are fueled by butane. Butane, when used to light your flower or concentrates, is released into the air and then inhaled by the consumer. The problem is, that butane gas combusts cannabinoids at a temperature much higher than necessary causing it to not only drop in potency but lose its distinct terpenes, as well. Residual butane inhalation can also pose possible health risks to the consumers if inhaled directly.
Visit Daily Marijuana Observer for more information on short-term and long-term effects:



What is Hemp Wick?
Hemp wick is a string made of hemp fibers bound together by beeswax.It is usually sold in spools that range in diameter:The thicker versions produce a larger flame that burns slower making them great for outdoor use or even blunts. The thinner versions are used to light pipes, bowls or joints since they burn faster and allow perfect flame precision to corner bowls.
When lit, the beeswax burns at a slow constant rate and a lower temperature flame is produced. This allows you to take larger, tastier hits from your pieces more easily, as well as, experience a cleaner, longer lasting high.


Good vs Bad Quality Hemp Wick
Good: 100% organic hemp and beeswax, easy to wrap, burns smooth, holds straight, fibers stay intertwined, clean flameBad: frays when lit, sparks, drips wax, creates soot (seen as dark smoke trailing from the flame that will be inhaled once hit)


How Do You Use It?
Unravel a couple of inches from the spool, or lighter (as many people choose to carry it) long enough to avoid burning yourself Light the end of the hemp wick using a lighter or candle Place the lit flame on to your preferred smoking blend and enjoy! Snuff the flame and relight when ready

While the ultimate decision comes down to personal preference, hemp wick proves to carry some high benefits. No matter your choice of flame, remember to stay lit!


daniel alexander