A Day in the Life of a Productive “Stoner”

Navigating through negative stereotypes is a daily task cannabis consumers face. From the first mention of usage, the average Joe automatically presumes you lack brain cells, goals, and aspirations all while sacrificing yourself to the root of all evil-- the Devil’s lettuce. I mean, who could possibly find the time to be productive and high? Doctors, engineers, olympic champions alike-- we work, study and socialize, all while sharing a mutual love of marijuana.

smoke copy.jpg

So, how do we do it?
Follow our simple three step day-to-day process:

Step 1. Wake & Bake: Morning wake ‘n bake sessions are essential to determining the remainder of the day-- the higher you start your day, the better it’ll be. (Don’t question me, this is science.)

Step 2. Work: Continue on to work and be productive, carry some pre-rolls or an oil pen to keep that high going. Pro Tip: If you have a hard time finding motivation, create a to-do list and treat yourself to smoking only after you complete a predetermined number of responsibilities.

Step 3. Treat Yo’ Self: Now that you have completed your tasks for the day, you can guiltlessly indulge! You can choose to turn it into a social activity and smoke with others or go solo. Depending on the strain, consuming cannabis may even help with insomnia and inducing a smoother transition to sleep.

The list of benefits cannabis provides is extensive (we’ll delve into deeper details later in another post). To name a few, it may assist with feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as, enhance creativity-- a great foundation for productivity, if you ask me. Where some may continue to view it negatively, we see it as a means to relax and fully wind down. While wine, TV, or a good book all sound like great ways to decompress, we choose to burn one (or some) and allow the medicinal benefits to come flowing in.

Cannabis has unlocked a world of indulgence for us, in every best way. When you find something you love, it’s only natural to want to do it in style. With an uprise of legality throughout the United States, we are now revitalizing the system and bringing in a new niche market for our kind-- luxury smoking goods. We’re taking what we love and making it classier and (hopefully) less of a social oddity and taboo. Together, we can fight the usual archetypes and redefine who we are.

Welcome to a new era of stoners, the Stiletto Janes way.

daniel alexander