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photo courtesy of @Stonedwarecompany Instagram

photo courtesy of @Stonedwarecompany Instagram

While we’re all for ending the stigma against smoking, it can be hard when most glass pieces look like they need to be hidden from plain sight. Stonedware has set out to correct the imbalance between practice and visibility. With aesthetically pleasing and highly functional designs, these ceramic pieces were created with an eye for design.

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, each pipe is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They are available in three different sizes and made out of the finest porcelain. After undergoing a time-consuming, intricate process each pipe is then finished with food-safe glazing and 22k gold detailing.

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Stunned by her beautiful bowls and pipes, we had to take a trip to Portland and meet the founder, Ariel, for ourselves. At her art-filled studio, she gave us a deeper look into Stonedware and her background as an artist.

Ceramics has filled a space in Ariel’s heart since childhood. She first learned how to use clay in third grade and still uses the first pottery wheel she bought at 13 years old. Her love of clay grew throughout her life, and she continued on to art school in Boston for sculpture and ceramics before moving to Portland. She worked at Portland Art Museum and a florist shop until realizing she wanted to get back with her first love-- clay.

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Ariel landed a job at Mudshark Studios, a high-volume ceramics production studio which taught her the production methods she uses today. Soon after, she started her first business, Realm Studios, which specialized in ceramic home decor.

It wasn’t until Ariel was tired of hiding her ugly rainbow hippie pipe that she finally decided “why not make myself a pipe I actually like looking at?” That’s when the lightbulb went off in her head and ideas came flowing in. She started with the typical spoon-shaped pipe until she realized that she could break the molds of the industry and introduce shapes and styles no one had seen done with glass before. That’s when the geopipe was born.

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The company first gained traction after creating a Bernie Sanders pipe that went viral in 2015. Featured on Reddit, ABC, NBC, CBS, Huffington, and Playboy, the sales gave Ariel the kick she needed to not only start Stonedware but donate $2,700 to Bernie’s Campaign, $6,000 to Planned Parenthood and pay off her student loan debt

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Since then, she’s mastered the art of ceramic smoking goods and creates the perfect pieces for the aesthetically inclined. Based in Portland, she’s been fortunate to be surrounded by numerous other women in the industry who look out for each others successes. Overall, Ariel is thrilled to be pioneering a part of a high-rising industry and looks forward to a growth in girl bosses everywhere.

Don’t believe the hype? Check them out for yourselves

Photo from  @Dopafide  via  @stonedwarecompany

Fun Facts

  • Each piece is easy to clean: simply use rubbing alcohol and kosher salt, shake a little and use a q-tip to remove any leftover residue.

  • The original geopipe model was made of wood.

  • Each pipe undergoes a 16-28 step process, depending on specifications and detailing.

  • Ariel prefers flower > concentrates

  • She personally details, crafts and inspects each piece by hand

  • She sells on her own website but over 25 shops across the United States and Canada carry her products.

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