All about the 'Delta Mantra"

In a country where pharmaceutical prices only continue to rise, this company has set out to add an alternative, less expensive means of treatment to the market.


Jay noticed a flaw in the system early in his days of working at skilled nursing facilities. The toll the costs of medications were taking on the elderly were sometimes worse than the conditions they were trying to treat. Many were getting expensive medications for anxiety and sleep disorders, and naturally, like most of us, Jay thought “why don’t they just smoke weed?”

Once Oregon legalized cannabis, he knew he had to step in and provide a product that heals yet isn’t so heavy on the wallet. Pioneering the market, he joined Select Strains vape company and assisted in building them from the ground up. With a steady foundation in the cannabis industry, he now felt comfortable stepping out and beginning a farm of his own, Delta Mantra.

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Based in Delta Park, Jay merged his love of mantras and cannabis to create the perfect product. This, however, hasn’t always been easy. Faced with multiple city permits and bureaucratic agencies, the recent legalization left a lot of gray area in the rules; yet, they’ve fought on.

Jay, a lover of all things cannabis, believes that it has the power to change your perception and elevate your mindset. We must say, we agree. With an attention to detail and names like Happy, Relief and Chill, he’s designed prerolls infused with mantra energy. Paying attention to colors and positive affirmations, his prerolls are meant to provide the ultimate smoking experience.

We toured his indoor farm and curiously asked about his indoor to outdoor preferences.


While Jay grows his own personal outdoor plants for fun, he believes it doesn’t allow the same control as indoor does. Outdoor farming is cheaper but the drop in quality is obvious. There’s nowhere near as much thc potency or crystals. Outdoor harvests fate lies on the weather. Which if you know any better, should never be trusted. A rainy season means a whole harvest could be lost to mold and mildew. At Delta Mantra, these problems are avoided with the ability to control the light, temperature and even airflow each plant receives. This guarantees top-shelf quality strains every time.

Wondering what’s next for the Delta Mantra crew?

There’s an exciting possibility of a dispensary coming soon! Like most farms, they’re also currently prepping for federal legalization. Once that’s cleared, expect a take off for Delta Mantra. This is only the beginning.

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