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Stiletto Jane’s is a way of life, a lifestyle brand of high browed individuals with a curated love of cannabis, couture, and cuisine. The world has become filled with an image of what a “stoner” should act & appear like. We are here to dispel that.  

We pride ourselves on being a full service boutique agency. What does this mean? We consider ourselves a jack of all trade, and proudly wear many hats.

We have cocktail hour events with elevated tapas, and breath taking venues to appeal to all your networking and social hour needs. Once every three months we invite our members to a fine-curated evening of beauty and lavish all while enjoying the benefits of the plant we’ve all come to know and love.  Further more. We curate experience centered events for our clients privately, and can for you too. We have full graphic, website building, photo, and video capabilities.

If you are still unsure of how you feel about us, that’s okay. We encourage you to ask questions, and do your homework. Please take the time to look over our Instagram “Stiletto Jane’s”. We often refer to this as our “portfolio” since all work is created, edited, and posted by ourselves or in collaboration with someone we sought out.

We are consistently working to improve on our platform, and bring more education to our audience. We thrive on learning from our peers and meeting those with more knowledge to learn. If you love fine things, be it clothing, food or life experiences, then you are a Jane.  We tailor bring you a high brow, super classy experience, rivaled by no other.

At Stiletto Jane’s we promise you a little magic, a lot of fun, and the opportunity to work with those in a field you’re a fan of too. Reach out because there’s nothing we can’t do together :)!