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Meet Michelle “Chii Chii” C



Where do I begin? Haha.. It feels a little self-indulgent to talk about myself, with that said, I’m Michelle Cera. CEO and founder of the company known as Stiletto Jane's. There was no preset master plan. Simply put; I love cannabis, and through a genuine passion to educate myself on all things cannabis, we find ourselves here.  

As a kid I loved getting into a bit of trouble, the normal trite childhood story. I experimented, got caught, and didn’t try smoking again until college. It was here, amongst friends and a new community, I found relief from a lot of toxic habits. In college, binge drinking was synonymous with my Friday night tales. This made up a majority of my nights out and it wasn’t until I found cannabis that I realized maybe instead of a social drinker I could be a social smoker. I’m not a zen master or even a self-proclaimed “calm” person, cannabis helped me with that. I also found cannabis made me more observant, not just of myself but of what was around me. It helped me make major influential changes to my life. I could go on and on about how amazing I think this natural medicine is and all of its many properties but that’s what this site is for. A place to show all I’ve learned, give a platform to some new teachers and create a place centered on sublime food, dynamic conversation, and curated cannabis. Food and pot, no not the munchies but elevated cuisine infused with the plant was the next frontier. There is no one more fun to gorge yourself on lavish meal with; my ordering style is “less is less so order it all”. I didn’t find this kind of event on the market, and what started as a fun Friday night with friends... turned into a business model. The rest is history.

I’m proud of all I am doing and where I’m going. I want you to come to a Stiletto Jane's event and feel a little bit like magic. It’s a feeling you’ll understand once you come and see for yourself.